Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Swedish pancakes, 2.0

A few things some of you may already know:

-Today is Shrove Tuesday

-Swedes don't eat pancakes on Shrove Tuesday, we eat semla

-We eat lots of pancakes the rest of the time though - most traditionally on Thursdays, as a second course after split pea soup

-our pancakes are thin, like crepes, and usually served with jam

-I suck at making pancakes

Because of that last point, I asked my Facebook and Twitter friends to help. Last time, I had major problems getting the lumps out of the batter, and the pancakes themselves wouldn't stay coherent and broke. However, everyone had their own idea as to what was the magic trick, often completely contradicting. So, I took some advice, discarded some, and ended up with these. And they were great. Batter was non-lumpy, they didn't fall apart, and they tasted good. Titus ate seven. (Plain - he doesn't like jam, yet.) I topped mine with lovely cherry-violet preserves. Mmm.

And the only suitable thing to drink with pancakes is milk, by the way.

Swedish pancakes, 2.0

4 eggs
200-250 ml all-purpose flour (120-150 g)
50-100 ml wholewheat flour (I used wholewheat spelt) (30-60 g)
500 ml milk
100 ml water (or more milk)
1 tsp salt
2 tsp vanilla sugar (or regular sugar)

Mix the eggs, flour, salt, vanilla and 100 ml of milk. Whisk by hand, or with a handheld blender (that's what I did) until smooth. Gradually add more milk, until all is added, and then add the water.

Leave the batter for about 20 minutes, and then fry thin pancakes in plenty of butter, on medium-high heat.

Recipe in Swedish:
Pannkakor, version 2.0


SallyBR said...

You got me with your last remark... didn't expect THAT in a million years!


I think you did absolutely great with your pancakes

Anonymous said...

These are beautiful...much prettier than mine! I will have to try your recipe after I use up my last box of Swedish pancake mix.

By the way, you have given me hope for a future perfect pancake with your "I suck at making pancakes" remark:)


Sue said...

I love Swedish Pancakes, and these looks really yummy!