Sunday, September 25, 2011

Salsiccia & Cabbage Risotto


Some of you might have noticed that my posting frequence is down a bit. Sorry about that! I just can't handle daily blogging at the moment, but I'll try to post as often as possible. I have lots of cookbooks and new fun stuff to tell you about - I just have to get around to actually write.

And cook. I cook less new things at the moment, which also means less to blog about. But lately, I cooked this great risotto with fresh salsiccia sausage, and cabbage. You might think cabbage is a strange thing to add to a risotto, and.. well, sure. But it's really, really good, so do try it! I first did it when I had a leftover cabbage wedge that I wanted to use up, but since then, I've repeated it many times.

Salsiccia & Cabbage Risotto
serves 3

3-4 small, fresh salsiccia sausages
1 yellow onion
300 ml risotto rice (I use avorio)
150 ml white wine
1 liter chicken or vegetable stock
300 ml cabbage, finely sliced
50 g parmesan, grated
olive oil

Start by putting on a pot to heat the stock, which should be simmering.

In a large pot, heat the olive oil. Squeeze the salsiccia from the casings, and divide into small pieces. Dice the onion, and fry along with the salsiccia for a few minutes. Add the rice and fry for another minute, until the rice is shiny.

Add the wine and let it reduce for a few minutes on high heat.

When it looks dry again, it's time to start adding the stock, a ladle at a time. Add more as soon as the risotto looks dry. It usually takes me about 20 minutes in total. Taste the rice - it should be cooked through but not mushy. You might not use up all the stock, or you might have to add a little hot water.

When there's a few minutes left - add the cabbage.

When the risotto is done, add the parmesan.

Taste to see if you want any seasonings - I often add a little bit of lemon or honey, and sometimes a few drops of a smoky chili sauce.

Recipe in Swedish:
Risotto med salsiccia och vitkål

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