Monday, June 07, 2010

White Chocolate Chèvre Cheesecake


I got a lot of comments asking for the recipe for the White Chocolate Chèvre Cheesecake I included in my post the other day about not-so-successful things I've made. So - here it is! And now that I write about it, I realize how easy it really is (no baking!) and all you really need is a food processor. Make sure you don't burn the white chocolate on top though - that was my downfall.

It's excellent served with cloudberry preserves, but those can be pretty hard to find outside of Sweden (unless you have an IKEA nearby). I'll try this with fresh strawberries next time, I'm sure that's a really delicious pairing!

White Chocolate Chèvre Cheesecake
(printable recipe)
Recipe from Fredagskocken by Mattias Larsson
8-10 servings

70 g butter
175 g digestive biscuits
170+100 g white chocolate
150 g chèvre cheese
200 ml cream (full-fat)
325 g cream cheese

Melt the butter. Break the biscuits into smaller pieces and mix in a food processor until you have small crumbs. Add the butter and mix well. Pour into a pie tin and press into an even layer, making sure to go up the sides as well. (It's good to use a pie tin with removable sides, by the way.)

Chill completely.

Chop 170 g white chocolate and place in the food processor. Crumble in the chèvre cheese. Heat the cream until boiling, add to the food processor and mix until smooth. Add the cream cheese and mix again.

Pour the filling into your pie shell and place in the fridge until completely set. (Overnight is best, but at least 3-4 hours.)

When the cheesecake is completely set, grate the white chocolate and distribute evenly on top. Gratinate under a hot broiler (250°C) for just a few minutes and watch carefully so it doesn't burn.

Place in the fridge for a few more minutes, then serve.

Recipe in Swedish:
Vit chokladcheesecake med chèvre


astheroshe said...

I like that you use chevre in your cake.. I always wanted to use it ! Great job!!

Dagmar said...

Oh, I remember this one! It was delicious!!!

~~louise~~ said...

Oh Anne, it looks so sinfully delicious...

Thank you for sharing...

George A said...

I wonder for the chocolate broiling step if one could instead use a blow torch like with Creme Brulee? Just a thought.

George in Maryland

Anne said...

George - I'd bet you could! I think I'll try that myself. It caramelizes really fast.

Heatherfeather said...

This sounds really good, and I am not even normally a big fan of white chocolate. For some reason, the combination of ingredients sounds great. I'd love to try these in miniature form to serve as appetizers.

Anne said...

Heather - they're pretty sweet though, but maybe you could pair them with something to make them more appetizer-y...

Unknown said...

I love the look of this and I really love cheesecake.