Sunday, June 06, 2010

Strawberry Lemon Cake

We had another birthday party for Titus and his little friends today,
and I made this cake. Three layers of cake and lemon curd, and lots of
lemon mousse. It was very zesty and light - I'd definitely make it


Unknown said...

That looks... wow! Such elegant decoration. I never have the patience.

Annemarie Guldbrandsen said...

Hi Anne, it's a fantastic blog you have. Really like and use your recipes a lot so thanks for sharing and for the inspiration. You've posted a cake a while ago looking quite like this..lemon and mango I think it was. Is this the same with lemoncurd indstead of mango or what is different or is it possible you will post the recipe for this beautiful cake? Thanks! Regards, Annemarie

Anne said...

Better foodie - thanks, but it's really quite easy!

Anne-Marie - it's the same mousse, but this one has cake layers too, spread with lemon curd. I'll definitely post about it when I've edited the photos.

Katie said...

Sounds delicious and the strawberry decoration on top is just gorgeous

Heatherfeather said...

Such a pretty, simple, elegant looking cake.

Kenon Thompson said...

That looks amazing! I love the elegance of the strawberries. Show that work and patience was put into it.