Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Picnic Round-up

Remember that I'm playing the Picnic game? It's time to see what everyone else brought! (A full round-up with photos will be posted at Louise's blog soon.) Bloggers sure make the best picnics! I wish it wasn't virtual - I want to taste everything!

We're going on a picnic and we're bringing...

A- Almond Joy Pie

B- Baked Beans

C- Chocolate Picnic Cake

D- Dutch Funnel Cake

E- Easy Blender Chicken Pie

F- Five Bean Salad

G- Granola Bars

H- Herb and Cheese Pasta Salad

I- Incredibly Fruity Raspberry Cakes

J- Jeweled Picnic Bars

K- Kaltschale (Cold Fruit Soup)

L- Long Island Lemonade Cocktail

M- Mushroom Tart

N- Nut Roast

O- Olive Nut Bread

P- Pomegranate Mousse Cake

Q- Quiche

R- Raspberry Chocolate Macarons That's me!


Cakelaw said...

What fun! I'd never heard of this event until I saw your post.

Colours and Textures said...

Swap you a an Incredibly fruity raspberry cake for a raspberry choc macaroon? Sounds lovely.
Tessa (from Raspberryandchipotle)