Sunday, April 11, 2010

Egg halves with shrimp


I mentioned this in passing, but I thought I'd show you a photo. This is essential - for me - for any Smorgasbord. I eat this for Christmas, Easter and sometimes for Midsummer's, too. Since I rarely enjoy sill (pickled herring), or various patées, this is one cold dish I can always rely on. And it couldn't be easier - you halve hard-boiled eggs, top them with mayo and a few peeled shrimp. Add dill if you want it more colorful, but frankly, I rather eat them just like this.


september cottage said...

HI Anne!!

OH, tempting photo....

But just wanted to say, made your Lemon Cheesecake Macaroons and really enjoyed it - very pleased with the result - I actually have one (well, another one :) ) sitting right next to my keyboard and my cup of Earl Grey - I had to practice patients during the sifting process but it was well worth it! Hope you don't mind, I mentioned your blog on mine and that I had used your recipe...sorry, should have checked first, it only just came to me - still a little new in blogger land....

Have a lovely Sunday evening!

With regards


september cottage said...

Oh Thank you! But I do think we are talking about a LOT of beginner's luck here! Anyway, your recipe has given me a taste for Macaroons - THANKs!!!

sofie said...

Ja, jag kan tänka mig de andra från PoP oxå, men tycker de är lite dyra.. hade hoppats på billigare variant. Villervallas slutar tyvärr på 92.. funkar just nu men komme inte att räcka hela sommaren.. får leta vidare annars får det bli de på PoP. Theo gillar inte två delad pyjamas.. så måste ha hel. Tack för letandet..

Puglette said...

oh yum! those look as good as i'd imagined. i will be trying those soon. thank you for the lovely photo!

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Great idea to add shrimp to these. Thanks for the idea. The eggs make great appetizers.