Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New Chocolate from New Tree


Belgian chocolate company New Tree has some really interesting chocolate. Most of their products aren't "just" chocolate, they also contain various healthy ingredients to make the chocolate more of a superfood, and better for you. Pretty interesting, and pretty tasty, too. I really enjoy their lavender chocolate, and they have one bar with milk chocolate and apricots.. very yummy. I recently got to try their three new bars - all of the have added dietary fiber which doesn't sound all that exciting, but it sure is good for you. They're also a bit lower in sugar, and thus calories, than most chocolate. All three come in thin bars that weigh 80 grams, and they should be in stores this spring.

Lait Amandes Grillées is a sweet milk chocolate with roasted almonds and flax seeds. It's quite sweet, and very crunchy due to all the bits and pieces. It doesn't taste a lot of almonds though, I would have liked to see slightly bigger pieces.

Noir Biscuit has flax seeds too, and also pieces of cookies. Again, the pieces are very small so it's a bit hard to tell what they really are, but they go well with the dark chocolate. (65% cocoa)

My favorite was the Lait Cacao Intense. It has 51% cocoa, and is really quite unusual since it's a dark milk chocolate. It has added vanilla flavoring, which I found very pleasant.

Neither of these feel like very high quality or luxurious chocolate - but I'm not a chocolate snob, and I like it.


Jacqueline said...

I haven't seen this around in supermarkets yet, but I'd love to try it!

Anne said...

I think it's more sold in specialty stores like gift shops and maybe health food shops - I havent seen it in supermarkets.

Olga at NEWTREE said...

Hi Anne, thanks for your great review of NEWTREE. In some countries NEWTREE is available in big supermarkets, but in others it's indeed only sold in specialty stores. In any case, you can also order it online (www.newtree.com). We also have a nice Facebook page, please join it if you feel like it! :)

cheers, Olga


Barbara said...

I haven't seen this anywhere, but would love to try it.
Whole Food maybe?

joanne said...

i just saw these three new bars at Target! they didn't carry any of the other varieties, and Target is the only place i've seen it thus far, but i'll keep looking (love the Noir Biscuit variety).