Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Carnitas, a different way


Last time we made carnitas, we made a huge batch. So big we had to freeze the majority of it. And that turned out to be a brilliant move, because that enabled us to have this for dinner - carnitas in taco tub shells, topped with diced avocado, cherry tomatoes, sour cream and fresh coriander. Delicious!


Jasmine @ Eat Move Write said...

Wow. That looks delicious. We're not big on mexican food because it always seems so unhealthy but that looks fantastic AND healthy!

julia valle said...

Anne! All entries look wonderfully delicious! I'm a big fan of scandinavian way of cooking, and your blog is rightaway favourited!
best regards from brazil,

foodcreate said...

Taste like Home cooking very yummy !
Thanks for sharing your recipe:)

Have a Great Day~

Cookie said...

I love freezing left-overs and having quick meals waiting for me after a long day. Where in the world did you find that taco plate? It's so cute!

Anne said...

Cookie - it's from a Swedish company called Mateus, I have several in different colors and I love them! :)