Wednesday, April 08, 2009

More about the christening


No, this hasn't turned into a baby blog... at least not yet. But with just five weeks to go, you might guess that baby stuff is on my mind a lot.

Anyway. I had to show you these two photos from our god-daughter's christening. On top, a lovely photo of Nelly with her grandmother, who's my big sister Ehva. (The one of the gorgeous kitchen!)


And then, the cakes and cookies served. As is quite common, there was no food, just a large offering of sweets. The cakes - the pink one for Nelly, the blue for her brother Alex who was also christened on the same day - are both "violet cakes" which I've written about before. Delicious! Just above those are nougat oatmeal squares that were totally awesome, and Per's favorite was a "dream swiss roll".

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