Tuesday, August 29, 2006

My sister Ehva's kitchen

I visited my oldest sister, Ehva, a few weeks ago. She lives up north, and I don't get to see her very often. She's very crafty and full of great ideas, and I thought I'd show some pictures from her kitchen. I love her open cupboards - her kitchen is small, but this is a great way to have everything handy. And everything is kept in pretty jars, instead of in boring cardboard packages.

This is such a great idea. She's taken a simple wooden plank, and added hangers for her cups. All cups are unique, and her guests get to choose their favorite when it's time for coffee.

No kitchen is complete without a pestle and mortar. This one is absolutely massive.

Those of you who read Swedish can check out Ehva's blog here! Or my sister Åsa's blog, here!


Ehva said...

Kul att se sitt egna hem på bloggen..Kanske kommer man få erbjudanden från nån inredningstidning "S". Tackar för att du tycker om mitt kök...Kramar

Julia said...

Hi Anne!
looks like a very cosy kitchen, love that cup-wall! =)
I’m afraid I don't know any Swedish (except for 'abba' and 'ikea'...haha) but luckily I can always read your blog! =)


Dianka said...

What a fun kitchen!

Eszter said...

Great to lurk in other people's kitchen, especially with such delightful details. I would love to go and examine those jars one by one. Just like they were books in a library.

Pia K said...

Oh, den där plankan med krokar är en kul pryl, skulle passa hur bra som helst för att avlasta mitt överfyllda mugg-skåp!