Sunday, December 14, 2008

Weekend Cat Blogging - kittens are five weeks old

Black Lincoln

I find it slightly ironic that we named our kittens after car brands right NOW, in the middle of the largest crisis the industry has ever faced. I promise it wasn't at all on our mind when we chose, though. But now I'm pretty sure we'll never forget just when they were born... For all the pics, please go to Flickr. And if anyone happens to be interested, Lincoln and Lamborghini are still for sale.

Smokey Lamborghini

Silver Lexus

Brown Land Rover

Brown Lancia

Black Lotus


Rebecca said...

I just love them. They are cuter than anything and everything.

Jessica said...

Är det här monsterstadiet ;)?
Ursöta. Namnen passar dem mer och mer.

Anonymous said...

Hejsan Anne :)

Håller koll på er där nere i Stockholm, Kattungarna är ursöta !!!
Ska baka lite av dina recept nu i Jul :) Kram på er både du och Per & Hela högen med Katter :)

Kram Carola :)

Unknown said...

Those are officially the cutest kittens in the entire world.

Carolie said...

What darlin kittens! Just found your blog, and am enjoying it very much.

I happened to notice your "food wish list" and would be happy to send you any or all of the items on your list (well, can't get the raspberry chipotle sauce, but the rest is a breeze!) I'm an American in Japan, so I have access to the American commissary on the military base, and also Japanese grocery stores, if you crave nori, or sesame seeds, or wasabi, or organic soy sauce, or matcha powder! Please feel free to contact me at carolie(at)wordmagix(dot)com -- I'm sure we can work out a trade or something!

Carol & Susan said...

The kitten photos started my Monday morning in a good way. They couldn’t be any cuter! Thanks for the saffron cake recipe. It looks tempting. Do you know of a good Cardamom coffeecake recipe? I’m trying to recreate my grandmother’s braided coffeecake that was so good.
Keep up the good work,

Anonymous said...

I don't know how you know which one is which. So cute at this age. I'd thought that Lotus would have been a lovely name for a little girl kitten

Anonymous said...

Hej syrran! Vill bara höra av mej o även säga att lamborghini påminner mej om edith...kärlek direkt....hoppas allt är bra med er...julkramar Ehva

ptasia said...

I am absolutely in love with Lancia. I mean, they are all incredibly cute and cuddly (I'd probably cuddle them to death), but Lancia's got my heart.

Barb said...

Great photos of the kittens. Have you found good homes for them?

Anne said...

Barb - four of them are booked to great homes, two of them are still unsold :) But they're so young, I'm sure we'll find good families for them. (Lamborghini and Lincoln.)

Kinna Jonsson said...


Jeanne said...

They are stunners - especially the tabbies. One day I really must get a cat of my own...