Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Candy: Peppermint Knäck


Ok, let's do one more variation on knäck, that lovely Swedish christmas confection. Last one this year, I promise! This one uses crushed peppermint candies to give a decidedly different touch to the sweet toffee. Per thought they were extremely weird, but most other guests loved them.

Peppermint Knäck

100 ml sugar
100 ml golden syrup
100 ml cream (heavy, double or whatever it's called in your country - the fattest kind you can find)
3 tbsp crushed peppermint candies

Mix cream, sugar and syrup in a suitable container. This means something that can take a lot of heat, go into the microwave, and still have high sides so the whole thing doesn't boil over. I have a quart-sized Pyrex glass pitcher that's absolutely perfect. Put it the microwave on the highest setting, for exactly 7 minutes. (You might need to try this a couple of times - if it doesn't boil for long enough, it'll be very soft and chewy. If it's boiled too long, it'll be rock hard.)

Remove very carefully - it's super hot - and gently fold in the crushed candies. Pour into tiny paper cups very fast, if it cools down it'll be a lot harder to pour. Place in the fridge until they're set. Keeps well in an air-tight container.

Recipe in Swedish:


Feline Flodin said...

Wohoo! Jag gjorde också polkaknäck. :D Kunde inte sluta äta. Mycket gott. Polkan besegrar helt klart den värsta jolmiga sirapssmaken. :)

Jeanne said...

Oh wow - could that be any easier?? I think the caramel/peppermint combo sounds fantastic & not weird at all :)