Sunday, December 30, 2007

The best of 2007

best of 2007

Zorra from Kochtopf asked me what my favorite recipe was for 2007. You have to know this about me: I am seriously indecisive. When faced with a choice, I am almost always confounded. This one? That one? But what about that one? This leads to some problems - for example, when buying clothes. What color to choose? I often buy two. (Only to find out that in real life, I really do prefer one over the other - almost always black, by the way - and the other one goes sadly unused.) And in this case? Choosing ONE recipe? I have enough problems choosing 40 for my end-of-year cookbook that I make for friends and family every year.

So. What did I do? I chose one from every month. Here you go - some of my favorites from 2007!

January - Taleggio Risotto

February - Swedish Pancakes

March - Healthy Bread with Hazelnuts

April - Bacon Wrapped Halloumi

May - Team Cookies

June - Rice Krispie Cake

July - my favorite guacamole

August - Fire Roasted Corn Salsa with Feta Cheese

September - Beet Salad

October - Oscar II:s Almond Cake (also popular around the world as the almond cake at Ikea)

November - Crunchy Salad

December - Potato Canapés with Chanterelles


Amrita said...

Hi dearie!

I've started a food forum for all floggers and foodies round the world. It just started today, and doesnt have any members yet.I have sent out emails to mose bloggers, though. I really hope you'll join too! It's a place we can discuss food, share recipes, troubleshoot recipes, post pix of stuff we've made etc. I aim to make it a chic environment filled with people who are extremely passionate about cooking and baking.

thanks a lot! happy new year!

Tracy said...

Your recipes look wonderful. I'll definitely have to try the beet salad. My family loves Swedish pancakes. We will have to try yours and compare.