Saturday, November 24, 2007

Christmas came early this year


Or at least, we had christmas food early. Really early. Actually, last night. We just had such a hankering for it and I'm a firm believer in indulging. So, why not?

In this picture, you see a lot of traditional Swedish christmas food. (And some maybe not so traditional.) Many families eat a lot more stuff than this, but this is really all we need to have for a proper christmas. (And personally, I don't eat the herring, either.)

Back row, left to right:
-halved hardboiled eggs with mayonnaise, shrimp and black caviar
-christmas ham-boiled potatoes

Middle row:
-Liver paté (this one is seasoned with glogg-spices, like allspice - it was really quite tasty)
-Jansson's temptation
-Finnish Swede Bake

Front row:
-gravlax (cured salmon)
-meatballs and tiny sausages
-Christmas orange salad
-some condiments (two types of mustard and a dill-mustard sauce for the salmon) and two types of herring, one with mustard and one with dill.


Lena said...

Was Santa early too? ;)

fleur said...

I am finally de-lurking.
This looks soooo good! Yum. What a fun idea, to make it early.
Did you make any cookies too? :-)

Anne said...

Lena - sadly, no! :)

Fleur - oh, welcome! :) And no, no cookies this time.. we were way too full for dessert, but we did eat a few Jelly Beans :)

Aimée said...

Wow, what a spread! I am interested in pretty much every cuisine in the world, but am not very familiar with Swedish. Great post, I enjoyed reading about your traditional holiday food.

Elena said...

Wow this is interesting... I moved to Stockholm from Italy in august and even if I'm going back home for Christmas, this will be my first somehow Swedish Cristmas!!
I saw the recipe of the Christmas Ham but... what exactly do you mean for ham or pre-boiled ham?? I think my idea of it is totally different!
Is it possible to buy it already made, to try it?? (I'm not such a great chef and I have no time!!!)


Anne said...

Elena - oh yes, you can buy it ready made. Or ready cooked, at least - usually you have to do the final baking with mustard and breadcrumbs yourself, but that takes 20 minutes. (And you CAN even skip that step, there are ready ones in the store.)

glamah16 said...

It all looks so good. And you made a Thanksgiving dinner too!

Jeanne said...

Oooh, now you've given me a craving for Christmas ham too... We are going to be away for Christmas so I am thinking of converting a lunch party for friends in December into an early Christmas lunch. The Janssons Temptation sounds supremely tempting :)

E-S said...

Oh, I can hardly wait ´til christmas when I see your picture of all the Swedish christmas specialities! It all looks very delicious :)