Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Two eating experiences


I apologize for the not so great pictures - both were taken with a tiny camera, on location. The first one is from a very nice little café, called exactly that - "Lilla Café", where I had lunch with my mom a few weeks ago. I had a grilled foccaccia sandwich with olives and feta cheese, and a latte. As you can see, the latte came with a heart, and a small cookie. Lovely. Can't wait to go back. (It's at Wollmar Yxkullsgatan, I *think* number three. They were just recently opened, and didn't have any business cards.)

plock cafeopera

This photo, on the other hand, shows what I had at a buffet at Café Opera, one of the fanciest nightclubs in Stockholm with a normally very good kitchen. (Shared with Operakällaren, one of the finest restaurants.) We were at a movie premiere - Per works in that line of business - and it was all very cool. Except for the food. Which was just cold, and rather boring. Oh well.


Waspgoddess said...

Never thought much of Cafe Opera, and now you have just confirmed my suspicions.

On a different note, I made some semlor this weekend, thanks for the links (have a look on my blog to see a black and white version of them, not a good shot, but very delicious semlor).

lesley said...

What a beautiful blog! (your kitten is pretty cute too!) I just came across your site & am looking forward to reading it all!