Thursday, November 23, 2006

Got a good recipe for sweet potato something?

I am planning my Thanksgiving dinner - it'll be on Sunday. Yes, I know it's a bit off - but hey, it's not really a holiday here. Anyway. Here's what I know so far:

-gingerbread swirls with blue cheese

-roast potatoes
-apple chutney
-lingonberry jam
-honey saffron bread (very, very yummy)
-brussel sprouts with feta cheese and almonds
-crunchy salad with fennel and apples

-frozen chocolate mousse cake for dessert

So. What's missing? I ran this by mom, and she said sadly "what, nothing with sweet potatoes?" I skipped it last year, too, after the first year's rather disastrous sweet potato bake with miniature marshmallows that took over the oven. It was not a big hit. But mom apparently has a fond memory of it, and well - I'd like to try something else.

However, I'd really prefer something that can either be prepared in advance, or that doesn't have to be prepared in the oven. At least not at the same time as everything else, i e right before eating. Any ideas? Maybe a simple mash? Bring on your favorites!

And, if you're wondering - neither stuffing nor cranberry sauce was very popular in my family either, so we're skipping those, too.


Anonymous said...

how about a buttery creamed sweet potatos with a pecan topping?

Kevin said...

This is good:

Roast some sweet potatoes.
Saute a pear, cut into 1/2" dice in butter with a bit of sugar -- you want to brown them cubes slightly.

Mash the sweet potatoes with melted butter and some corriander.
Stir in some rum -- just enough to taste it.
Stir in the pear chunks.

Zap it in the microvave just before serving.

Anonymous said...

I've got a fool proof sweet potato casserole. Go here:

Jelly said...

I saw a yummy looking recipe at my pal Cher's site:
I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving celebration with your family. The spread sounds delicious!

Jelly said...

Sher - oops, not Cher

amanda said...

hi anne! tyler and i have a sweet potato recipe up right now (we're calling it yams, but it's really sweet potatoes) that we really enjoyed... it involves bleu cheese!

denzylle said...

Alanna said...

Hi Anne ~ What fun! I love the sweet potatoes from my Thanksgiving collection but also came home from dinner yesterday with a Tyler Florence recipe for sweet potatoes mashed with banana - just skip the topping which is way too much and too sweet. I can also HIGHLY recommend Elise's cranberry apple currant pie.

Monica said...

OH MY GAWD - those Gingerbread Blue Cheese swirls sound awesome. I am so making that for Christmas.

My only sweet potato recipe involves the dreaded marshmellows too. Sorry! I like the Buttery Sweet potato w/ pecan topping idea, though.

Bean said...

Try Alton Brown's sweet potato pie. I made it for Thanksgiving for my family and it was a big hit. Go to and search for Sweet Potato Pie. You can either make the crust yourself (I did, using another Alton Brown recipe) or bake it without crust - it is firm enough when baked (like a custard). I used vanilla-flavored yogurt instead of plain because I wanted it to be a little sweeter.

denzylle said...

HFW's SP Gratin, which I linked above, can be prepared in advance, and then reheated and crisped under a grill.

nikki said...

I've been eating sweet potato dishes all my life and my favorite recipe is under Sep. 8 in my blog It has to be baked, though, so... Not to mention the fact that I'm too late coming with the idea! Forget about Thanksgiving, though, and try it ANYtime. Well... anytime you've got cranberries available. We LOVE IT!

Zoe said...

Go with simple mash: mash sweet potatoe, pumpkin, add some ricotta cheese, a dob of butter, so parsley and some salt - easy and can't go wrong.

Anne said...

Thanks everyone!! I'm going with Denzylle's suggestion this time - it sounded easy and pretty delicious, now I'm just worried I won't make enough :) It's sliced sweet potatoes mixed with olive oil, cream, garlic and chili flakes, then baked. It's in the oven right now - it'll rest in the fridge overnight and get a quick zap in the oven tomorrow. Hope that works as well as it does in my mind :)

Kevin - totally making that soon too! I have very non-drinking guests this time, so I'll save it for another time.

Amanda - that looks awfully yummy! Only thing is I'm already serving both blue cheese and feta cheese, and while I certainly don't shy away from cheese, others might feel I'm overdoing it. A bit. :)

I'm now all set for dinner tomorrow, time to relax with a summery drink to chase the cold weather away...