Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Fontana Olive Oils

What kind of olive oil do you use? Me, I use whatever I find, really. Or well, I'm a bit discriminating, having a few trusted brands that I choose among. But I'm not picky. Nor do I seek out more special kinds.

But maybe I should? I got these four beauties in the mail this summer, a gift from a fellow blogger over at FastFoodLovers (Swedish, despite the name) and I'm pretty impressed. It's a collection from Fontana, an olive oil importer, and the exciting thing about them is that they're single origin. They're named Kreta, Kalamata and Lakonia (and Original), and they have different characters. Some are softer and mild, others - Kalamata! - are much more assertive. I like getting to experiment, but I do admit, I haven't done a proper olive oil tasting. I don't like it *that* much. But it's great in food. And from now on, I will try to always have at least two kinds at home - or maybe three.


Anonymous said...

uMy name is Amelia.
The next time buy a Spanis Olive Oil, I think is beter than this.

Xtian said...

Gift??? You competed. Long and Hard. And won the Grand Prize. Just so your readers knows the truth....

And we really like, not only the flavors of these Fontana oils, but also the size of the bottles. Not to large, not to small. Handy even at the dinner table.

/Xtian, Editor FastFoodLovers

Max said...

Very nice to see that you were one of the winners, Anne. :)

Amelia, have you tried the Fontana brand before? Or do you just prefer spanish olive oil in general?

Anne said...

Amelia, thank you! Spanish olive oils are indeed different from Greek or Italian ones. Can you recommend any particular brand?

Xtian - *blushes*, oh yeah. That's right. I did compete. And won. Hrm.

Max, thank you :)

BeRKA said...

I was also one of the lucky winners, and I like these oils very much. :-)

Anonymous said...

hej! if you go here:

you will see the producing and consuming countries. Greece has by far the largest per capita consumption of olive oil worldwide. Believe me, they know how to make good olive oil! OK, maybe I'm writing this cause I'm greek :) (I'm living in Sweden), but Italian and Spanish oils are also good. My suggestion? If it's really expensive, it's definitely good!..