Sunday, October 01, 2006

Chocolate Pots

I've actually written about Nigella's Chocolate Pots before, but they're well worth repeating, especially since I forgot to take a picture that time. I made these the other night as a small and simple dessert. Unfortunately, I used lower-fat milk and didn't have time to let them set for more than four hours, so they were a bit runnier than I remembered. But lesson learned, I will have more time, and better milk, next time.

A note on my cups. I love these gorgeous little porcelain cups that look just like cheapie plastic cups that have been scrunched up. I first saw them in one of the Nigella books when it came out, and looked for them everywhere. I finally found them (this was some years ago) in a small store that had all kinds of interesting things, as far as interior design goes. I promptly bought them, ignoring Per who was whining about their surpreme ugliness the whole time. (He still hates them.) Now, they became popular about a year ago, and I've seen them in several places, and several colors and several sizes.. but mine are the original. I do take some pleasure in that.

Chocolate Pots
serves 4

175 g dark chocolate
1 egg
100 ml milk (full-fat!)
150 ml cream (full-fat here too, heavy cream or double cream, or whatever it might be called in your country.)
itty bitty pinch of allspice, ginger or cardamom

Blitz the chocolate in a food processor. Heat milk and cream until almost boiling, then add spices. Pour into the food processor, hang on for a second or two, then blitz for 30 seconds. Add the egg, blitz again. Pour into small cups and let set in the fridge for at least six hours.



Jessica said...

I like those mugs. Reminds me of school but when I've looked at them I've suddenly felt that do I really want mugs reminding me of the not so fun times at school?
This said, I have other mugs to use ;).

karin said...

I´ve been a fan of those mugs since the first time I saw them!

Pille said...

I've seen those mugs in various foodmags and cookbooks, and have been looking for them in the shops here in the UK, but no luck yet:(

sam said...

the friend we stay with in Paris has those cups and when i am there i drink coffee, just so i can use them. I don't ordinarily drink coffee at all.

selena said...

thanks for this recipe. i just made them, and sources say: "murdurously good".

Kevin said...

I'm with Per on the cups.

James said...

I dont mind the cups as far as i am concerned the less money you spand on cups the more money you have for the ingredients so you can make more.

Shaun said...

Actually, when I saw those cups in Nigella's book, I just assumed she put them in the easily-crinkled plastic ones. A porcelain take in them is indeed very interesting. I personally prefer the gorgeous pink bowls that you sometimes use to serve food :-)
As for the chocolate pots themselves, I'm so glad that you decided to keep the cinnamon because I think it adds a delicious and unexpected twist. Furthermore, if you can get your hands on Mexican chocolate, which already has canela (Mexican cinnamon) added to it, you will be justly rewarded :-D

Lynnea said...

Those little cups are so cute! I was totally fooled by them and thought you put the chocolate in plastic cups. Knowing that they are ceramic makes them seem so fun.

Anne said...

Pille, sorry to hear that! Maybe hear with the folks over at Nigella's Kitchen? They're usually good at scrounging up Nigella toys :)

James, the thing is, they're actually quite expensive :) Or well, the ones I bought were, the ones I see in stores nowadays are a bit cheaper.

Shaun, mexican chocolate sounds amazing! Must try to find :) And the pink bowl, I think I know which one - is from Mateus, a brand with many lovely things. :)

Lynnea, that's what I love. People really do a double take when they see them!

Sam - oh, I totally understand :)

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

If you want to get those cups in the UK try the V&A shop (I just bought 8 from them(!)) and also the The Design Museum Shop. See the links below. Hope this helps (I've been looking for them in the UK for aaaaaaaaaaaages!) Charlie :o)