Saturday, September 30, 2006

Weekend Cat Blogging #69 - Ywette

"I can not believe the humans ran out of cat food. I just can not belive it."

And yet, it did happen. We are so very sorry. And the cats are angry. They came into bed this morning - we thought they wanted to cuddle, but they had a very different message to deliver. We're out of food!

Still playing in Photoshop. Now that I'm back from the pet store, obviously. The cats are busy stuffing themselves. Ywette is still in shocked disbelief.

This week, you can see Weekend Cat Blogging over at House of (the mostly) black cats.


Hot(M)BC said...

I don't blame Ywette for being in shock. I would be too!
We've got your post up on WCB #69 now. Fanks lots!

The Tower Hill Mob said...

There are two things our house must NEVER, EVER run out of: tea for Mum and cat food for us!
Once is a mistake- never let it happen again!

aria said...

oh i know the drama well! what a beautiful kitty that fur looks so soft. shame on u rinnign out of kittyfood! hee hee

D said...

Poor, poor Ywette. I've almost run out of food too for the cats sometimes... though I think it would do Boots some good to skip a few meals ;-)

Jessica said...

Wowser, you forgot to buy kitty food before you ran out?!??! Shame on you?!?!
On the other hand, it looks like they all survived...