Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Blueberry Pie

Man, I've been cooking SO much new stuff when I've had vacation, so I have tons to write about!

Per is not that fond of picking blueberries either, but he does enjoy a good blueberry pie. This is a simple version - no need for pastry. You just whip up a base, and scatter the berries on top. And you can use frozen ones, if you don't happen to have fresh ones, it won't really matter much. The result: a crispy yet chewy crust with berries running into interesting patterns on top. Serve with vanilla sauce or ice cream.

Blueberry Pie

125 g butter
225 g sugar
140 g flour
1,5 tsp baking powder
1 egg
200 g blueberries

Preheat the oven to 175°C. Melt the butter and let it cool a bit. Beat egg and sugar until fluffy. Add the butter, and beat to incorporate. Add the flour and the baking powder, and stir until batter is uniform. Spread into a greased pie dish, and scatter the berries on top. Bake, low in the oven, for about an hour. Take care so it won't burn!



Becca said...

I am so pleased to have found your blog ... marvelous recipes, photos and writing!

Lisa & Oliver said...

My grandmother, here in Canada, used to make that exact "pie" every berry season! Delicious!

My Space said...

Ha...must try this ^_^

KrakelSpektakel said...

Blåbäspaj är underbart. Jag har faktiskt bara gjort frukt och bär baserade efterrätter den senaste tiden.

Rachel said...

As the non-metric sort, I am not familiar with the notation 1,5. How would I translate that into teaspoons and tablespoons talk? Thanks for the recipe!

Anne said...

Rachel - one and a half, to put it plainly. Teaspoons. :)

Rachel said...

Thanks! Yeah, I got the teaspoons part, fortunately - otherwise I wouldn't have much ground to stand on at all when attempting such a thing.

Michelle said...

Wow it looks really yummy definitely gotta try this one! But may I ask how big is the pan used to make this?

Anne said...

Michelle, I used a fairly standard pie dish - probably around 9 inches or so :)