Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Recent snack findings

Both of these pictures are perfectly dreadful, I know! I'm sorry! However, what's in them is curiously addictive, in both cases. The first one shows roasted and salted soy beans that I bought on my visit to Saltå Kvarn. Completely yummy! I liked them much better than peanuts - and I'm happy to know that they are a lot healthier. They weigh much less, and at least I couldn't eat very many. (Sadly, not a problem with most snacks for me.)

The other photo is of chocolate-covered sunflower seeds. Sounds strange? I know. And they look almost dark green. Curiously, these are named "Yogurt Seeds" and are sold by the store Granit. There is no yogurt in them, which is what is so curious. They really should be called chocolate seeds. Well, no matter what the name - they taste really good. And these are also quite satisfying - I eat just a few at a time, and that seems to sate my cravings for the moment.

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Viktoria Schiöler said...

I love those yoghurt seeds too and I also noticed their lack of yoghurt! (Yes, probably they sound healthier with the yoghurt name.)