Thursday, July 20, 2006

Järla Sjökrog

I don't get around to writing about restaurants very often - partly because we don't eat out that much, partly because I rarely remember to take pictures when I do eat out, and partly because I nearly forget to post about it. So this is really long overdue. It's about Järla Sjökrog, a small place located in Nacka, about ten minutes from Stockholm city. It's well worth a visit, especially in the summer. It's located right at the waterfront, and has a gorgeous view of Järlasjön.

The food is good - not spectacular, but then again, not awfully expensive either so well worth its price. They make a great Caesar Salad that I've had for lunch a few times. (And not remembered to photograph.)

This is a starter with grilled halloumi on asparagus, with some kind of basil or parsley oil - I can't remember exactly.

And this is a rather bland piece of fish in a tasty white wine sauce, and with a great garnish of crunchy snow peas.

Järla Sjökrog
08-553 606 50
Järlasjöbrinken 8
13160 Nacka


LeperColony said...

Do the restaurant proprietors look at you funny when you photograph their food?

Anne said...

Lepercolony - no, not really.. Well, partly because I don't do it much, but partly because I'm discreet I guess. And most of the time, there's no staff around anyway. If there is, I ask if it's ok. And it's always been fine. But usually I'm too hungry to remember to take out the camera. :)

Pene said...

I have yet to see a snowpea here in Estonia. Maybe there are some in Tallinn, but not in Tartu. Do they have sugar snap peas in Sweden?

Anne said...

Pene, really? They're readily available here - mostly imported though. You can buy them fresh or frozen (the frozen ones are Swedish). We do have sugar snap peas too - just imported I think.

Pene said...

Well, I'll just have to look a little harder. Fresh ones are so much nicer than frozen.