Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Jamie Oliver

I just watched a documentary about Jamie Oliver, and I got to say, I do like him. Sure, he can be silly. Sure, sometimes he feels fairly.. oh, I don't know. Stuck up, perhaps? He certainly has evolved from his early days on TV. But anyway. I really like him. Not so much for his shows - I find them entertaining, especially the earlier years, but they're not that great - but for his cooking. I have all of his books, and I got to say.. his recipes really seem to work for me. His flavor combinations are awesome. I can't think of a single thing I've tried that I didn't like. (And I've tried quite a few things.)

So, for me, Jamie Oliver will continue to be a household name, and I'll definitely keep on cooking his food. And if you haven't tried any of his books, I suggest you start with Jamie's Dinners. It's my favorite of the bunch. Excellent food that's fast to make. And if you don't feel like getting a book, head over to his website. Or just try some of the recipes I've cooked from his books and blogged about! (Hrm - with some adaptions.)

Jamie's Amazing Lasagna
Parmesan Fish Fillets
Pasta with Mascarpone and Spinach

and if you just try one recipe, please make it this one:
Chèvre Grape Salad


Anonymous said...

I watched the Jamie Oliver School dinners. Wow, if you ever get a chance to watch it. Watch it and see how children eat nowadays.
It will set you back in your chair.
He seems pretty cool and is a great chef.

Pene said...

My husband was in the UK beginning of June, & I asked him to bring back one of Jamie's "Flavour Shaker" for me. I might use it mix up a marinade for our Jaanipäev BBQ tomorrow evening.

And I've recently seen one of his books translated into Estonian. Are they available in Swedish also? He & Nigella are also 2 of the feature writers for the Aussie "delicous." food magazine. Have you seen that?

Anne said...

Anonymous - right, I saw that too! It's really interesting. Swedish school lunches are nothing like those in the UK though, thanks goodness.

Pene - I haven't tried my Flavour Shaker yet, but it looks neat. And yes, his books are available in Swedish. I prefer the English ones though. Delicious is one of my favorite food magazines, I buy it whenever I can find it :)

Karin said...

I remember those turkey twisters whey where serving at the schools, discusting!
I have mixed feelings for JO, sometimes I find him traditional english boring but sometimes I like him.
I like his energy. I think he was in Sweden this spring and recieved an award for his work on school dinners; Well deserved!

Anonymous said...

I find his show entertaining but I also find I never cook anything from it. But Jamie is adorable -- you can't help but being drawn in by that boyish enthusiasm.