Saturday, May 20, 2006

Weekend Cat Blogging - cold

Glinda thinks the new house is a bit cold. So we got her a sweater. Unfortunately, Glinda can only walk backwards in it, so far.

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Anonymous said...

åååh vart har du köpt den? eller har du gjort den själv? undrar om inte min katt, som alltid är så frusen, skulle gilla en sån. (förmodligen inte, hahaa)

Pene said...

You need to have a house-warming party or as Estonians call it a "salt & bread" party to warm the house up. Is it a brand new house or a renovated old house? Do tell us something about your new house.

Anonymous said...

Oh! so adorable in that sweater..:)
I would love to know more about your new home,Anne.
Btw, I moved to a new home,that is at Sailu's Food. I would appreciate if you could update your blog roll.Do drop by sometime,Anne.

Kevin said...

"Unfortunately, Glinda can only walk backwards in it, so far."


Anne said...

Virvla, den är från en tjej som heter Frida! Hemsida här:

Pene - Oh, I will :) it's a fairly new house, ten years old. I promise to talk lots about it!

Sailu, thanks for letting me know!

Kevin - it's true! :)

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Glinda looks really awsome in her pullover!

Yes, cats are really funny; sometimes they walk backwards when they don't feel well...

Bean said...

I am quite impresed that you can still type after putting a sweater on Glinda. Our cats do not like clothing! But Glinda is SO very adorable. I hope she decides to be warm and walk forwards soon.