Sunday, April 30, 2006

IMBB #25 - Chèvre Toast

For Is My Blog Burning? #25, Derrick asked us to make something with stale bread. Well, when I have stale bread, nine times out of ten it is baguette from Ica Maxi in Nacka. (They have an excellent bakery - not what you'd expect in a supermarket.) And I make four different things with my left over bread.

1. Croutons
2. Flavored bread crumbs (take stale bread, mix in food processor with a bit of parmesan, garlic and basil or whatever else you have laying around. Great stuff!)
3. French Toast
4. Just toast.

And this time, I went for.. just toast. I happened to be home alone and had a couple of Chèvre Toasts for dinner. It was so successful - definitely something to eat again, and again... And it's too easy to give a recipe - just cut bread thickly, top with a decent slice of chèvre cheese, and top with.. whatever you'd like. In the picture, you can see tomato slices with black pepper, honey on the middle ones, and honey and pecan halves on the ones farthest from the camera.

For many more ideas on how to use up your old bread, make sure you visit Derrick and An Obsession with Food for the round-up!


Anonymous said...

Chevre is wonderful

Shelly said...

Oh that looks mouthwatering Anne! I had bruchetta Saturday night and it looked very similar.

Anonymous said...

Anne these look wonderful! The tomato/chevre one particularly... :-)

Derrick said...

These look great. Thanks for participating!