Thursday, February 09, 2006

Homemade Pizza

Still searching for the perfect homemade pizza dough. We're not quite there yet. But this one, from the Gourmet cookbook, was pretty tasty. Per liked it - it was very crisp. I prefer my pizzas a little chewier. Oh well, I guess we'll keep expeimenting!

My pizza had air cured ham, fresh tomato sauce with garlic, red onions, fresh mushrooms, mozzarella, fresh basil and pine nuts on it. Yum!


evcilkedi said...

Mmmmmm very tasty! I can almost smell it. Mushroom is my favourite ingredient for pizza, that is for sure. I am using the bread dough that has been prepared in the bread machine. I believe the secret ingredient is a little olive oil in the dough which makes it crispy and aromatic. Well done Anne. Hugs

Lexi said...

I've got a killer pizza dough that I've made in my family for atleast 10 years. I'll write it in swedish and if you test it you just convert it like you do all with all your tasty recepies...
oh and this makes 5 large pizzas because we were a large family :)

1 jäst
3dl mjölk
2 1/4 dl vatten
ca 12 dl mjöl (dela gärna 50/50 med mjöl special)
salt, socker och olja

värm upp mjölk och vatten till 37 grader
strimla upp jästen i en bunke, lös upp jästen med en del av vätskan, häll i ca 1 msk olja, 2tsk salt och 1 tsk socker, blanda
bland ner mjölet lite i taget samt resten av vätskan, arbeta degen till en jämn deg (var försiktig med mjölet så det inte blir torrt)
arbeta degen tills den är smidig, hellre lite kladdig än torr, ta ut degen, diska bunken och torka den, olja sedan sidorna väldigt lätt.
sätt i degen och sätt lite olja i toppen på degen så blir den inte så torr.
täck med en ren handduk och låt jäsa tills den är 2 ggr sin storlek (ca 1-2 timmar) tryck ner den en gång under den tiden
arbeta degen med lite mjöl och dela i 5 delar och rulla ut 5 stora pizza bottnar.

med stor pizzabotten menar jag att en täcker en hel plåt.
för att få en mer krispigare underdel av pizzabottnen värm plåten i ugnen innan du sätter på degen.

enjoy. det är verkligen den bästa hemmagjorda pizzabottnen som jag gjort!

Anne said...

Thanks Lexi! That sounds excellent, we'll definitely give it a try! Just need to invite some friends over.. :)

R.B. Boyer said...

I'm one of those crazy-folk who watch the Food Network show "Good Eats" religiously. In one of the episodes "Flat is Beautiful" the host (Alton Brown) devotes the entire 30 minutes to discussing yeasts, kneading, proofing, gluten formation, bench proofing and so on. He also gives his own recipe (linked below) and in the episode tries to scientifically explain why its best to do things like let it rise in a refridgerator overnight instead of in an hour in a warm place.

Alton Brown's recipe

In his book "I'm Just Here for More Food: Food x Mixing + Heat = Baking" he gives a version 2.0 of that recipe with 2-3 complete pages of justification. I haven't tried these 2 recipes however because I don't exactly have a lot of preparatory space for this kind of thing in my apartment.

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Oooh, can I have a slice of that pizza?!

Lexi said...

Anne, happy to hear it! And you've got the best food blog that I've seen online! Starting one with my sister soon, we ca only hope that we can measure up to half of how interesting yours is!!!

The Pearl Onion said...

Um, do you have your own woodburning stove? Your pizza looks just like what I'd expect at a cute, little Italian place!

Anne said...

r.b - thank you!! Oh, how I wish we got Food Network here! :)

rosa - sure, should I just drop it in the mail?

Lexi - looking forward to reading it! Thank you, it's so much fun to be a food blogger!

The Pearl Onion - ohhh.. *blushing* Thank you. No. Just a regular kitchen. But it *is* a pretty picture!

Thalie said...

Yummi ! This looks real great to me Anne ! But that's up to me and as you wrote you prefer yours a little chewier...
Oh well, "all the tastes are in the nature" as we say in french.
But be sure your pizza looks absolutely delicious ;)

Anna said...

I've recently made three potato pizzas from Ivonne's recipe at Cream Puffs in Venice.
It's GOOD - lots of carbs. I use my own pizza dough though:

2.5 dl tepid water
6.25 dl all-purpose flour
1 sachet active dry yeast or 25 g regular yeast
0.5 dl olive oil

Mix and knead like any other yeast dough. Let rise for 30 min. Make 2 30-cm dough circles. Spread your favorite topping on immediately and bake blind for 10-12 minutes.

My favorite toppings are:
#1. one can of diced tomatoes with basil and garlic reduced on the stove for 5-10 minutes, plus fresh green asparagus (blanched first for 1 or 2 minutes), and mozzarella;
#2 a slight modification of Ivonne's potato pizza: 1 very thinly sized peeled, uncooked waxy potato, 50-75 g gorgonzola or some other blue cheese, 50g mozzarella, 1-2 tsp dried rosemary
#3 while baking, "pizza bianca", ie, just mozzarella - after the pizza comes out of the oven, top with lots of fresh rucola and either bresaola or thin slices of smoked reindeer and some kosher salt
#4 pizza bianca as above, but the rucola is topped with spoonfuls of ricotta and fresh halved cherry tomatoes.

Ciao from New York and Helsinki!

Nefritite said...

Hi Anne

that pizza looks super delicious!
I love home made pizzas, I always make the dough from scratch, and prebake it for a while so it becomes nice n crunchy.

Patti said...

That pizza looks great! I have had some good success with Wolfgang Puck's pizza dough. Let me know if you want the recipe.

Foodfreak said...

Do you have a pizza baking stone? It makes all the difference - oh and your pizza looks delicious!

I am planning to try the pizza dough recipe from Farmgirl fare, she recommends adding a cup of sourdough (and has a lovely cheese & onion pizza on her blog).

Anne said...

Thanks for all the wonderful suggestions! We'll try them out - Per is *quite* excited at the idea of more pizza. Foodfreak - yes, we do have a pizza stone, in fact, this was the first time that we tried it out. Nice - but we found it a bit difficult to transfer the pizza to the hot stone.. oh well, practise makes perfect!!