Thursday, February 02, 2006

And another Meme...

Here's another fun - and fairly short meme - that I was tagged for by Clivia.

Which recipe do you consider the best you published?
Oh.. The very best? Tough. I'll go with what first popped into my mind, and that's the Chanterelle Risotto. Super tasty!

Which picture do you consider is the best?
I have quite a few favorites, but the one that I like the very best is the one of my Tea-Truffle Filled Raspberries. No surprise really, since I use that picture *everywhere*... I even have stickers and business cards with it! I am seriously considering putting it on the wall - I'm that proud! (But my Biscotti photo is a strong contender!)

Which is your most visited recipe?
I don't keep that detailed statistics, but one that always seems to get a lot of hits is for the Amazing Lasagna.

What is (are) the best savory recipe(s) you borrowed from an other blog?
I think the one I like the best is one that I adapted from The Accidental Hedonist, for Gorgonzola Pork with balsamic vinegar and Granny Smith Apples.

What is (are) the best sweet recipe(s) you borrowed from an other blog?
This is much harder. I'll name two: The Chocolate Oblivion Truffle Torte from Heidi, and the Earl Gray Tea cookies from Linda.

And who to tag? This was a nice, short meme that forced me to think a bit about my blogging, I like that. Let's tag... Johanna, from the Passionate Cook!

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Dagmar said...

I just love that Raspberry photo!