Monday, January 02, 2006

Milka Triolade

I love chocolate - you probably know that by now. I like trying new chocolate bars, and I always pick some up if I'm out of the country. I went to Spain in September, and for some reason, I completely forgot about this huge Milka bar that I bought in the airport, until I found it in the back of my cupboard the other day. (Yeah, I know what you're thinking - I can't really love chocolate all that much if I don't even remember to eat it, right?)

It's called Triolade - and it's great! It has a milk chocolate base, white chocolate in the middle, and it's topped with dark chocolate triangles. Mm, delicious!


Anonymous said...

Hi Anne

I received a block of this from a german friend in the middle of the year - it was most enjoyable! We used to get Milka here (Australia) but it's just not around anymore =( At least we have Lindt, I suppose.

Nice to see the Milka get some coverage, though ;)


cooking range woman said...

I also love chocolate Anne; This is one of my weaknesses,the one achilles heel that will surely bring me down and forget troubles. I haven't tried Milka yet but being an American-the land of Hersheys. I think it's not too late for me to try out something new. Keep sharing this kind of post.

sophie said...

Hi :) This is just delicious. I can't believe I ate the whole 300 grams bar in 2 days... Yeah I'm under a lot of stress lately :D Thanks for sharing ^^ Sophie (from France, but living in Belgium at the moment)

cinabar said...

Wow, how could you forget about chocolate? Am very jealous, haven't seen that bar here in the UK!