Monday, January 02, 2006

Something new

A new year - so I figured something should change around here, too. And what is that?Well, most of you probably won't even notice.. but for those of you who are Swedish, and prefer to read recipes in Swedish - it's a major thing.

Every time (I'll try!) that I post a recipe, it'll have a small link at the bottom, to a Swedish translation of the recipe. All of those will end up in a separate blog, in Swedish. I won't be doing any proper blogging there, since I plan to keep having all of my writing here, but I will post the recipes there. So if you'd like to try my recipes, but have a hard time translating ingredients, measurements or instructions - you're in for a treat this year.

Happy New Year!

(And as for the photo... It's a "Seasonal Breeze." I made these from Nigella's Feast, the night before christmas. Ewww - can you say bitter? It was supposed to be a third campari, a third cranberry juice, and a third blood orange juice. I couldn't find blood orange, so I substituted ruby grapefruit juice... and threw in some sliced oranges. I quickly downed one glass, and tossed out the rest - it was undrinkable, really. But it looks pretty, doesn't it?)


Pille said...

Hi Anne, Happy New Year! I'm sure your Swedish readers are happy about this new addition - well done! I have been writing a parallel blog in Estonian since October (you can check it out at - in case you want to read some Estonian:), but my main - and much more personal - blog is in English.
And the cocktail looks lovely - such a beautiful colour - sorry it didn't taste as great..

Anne said...

Pille, that's where I got my inspiration :) I don't read Estonian (ha ha), but I did notice the links under each recipe.. I thought that was really great. And as I share my recipes on some forums, I still end up translating most of them. This will be a nice way to have them all in one place! :)

Kake said...

You might have been able to save the cocktail with a bit of sugar syrup (just heat equal volumes of sugar and water until the sugar melts, then leave to cool and store in the fridge).

Maria said...

Tack! Det är toppen att du tar dig tid att serva oss svenskar som är för lata att översätta de engelska recepten :-)

Anne said...

Maria, det var liksom det jag tänkte :)

Kake - you're right, that might have worked. I've been meaning to get some sugar syrup to store - haven't quite gotten around to it, but this should motivate me. (Especially since I have a LOT of Campari left.. sigh.)

Helen said...

Found your blog a few days ago and have had a great time reading through all your wonderful recipes. I'm English but living in Sweden, and sometimes find it hard to translate Swedish recipes back to English so your site has been a real help, and with your recipes also in Swedish now I'll be able to do extra Swedish homework too!! Helen

Cindy said...

That's a good thing for your sweedish readers. I've donethe same thing, translating my french blog in english. I guess, us non english people, must have 2 blogs ;)
Oh, and happy new year