Saturday, November 12, 2005

Entertain me with napkins and pom-poms!

A while ago, Jennifer from Taste Everything Once asked for help to spend a gift certificate. She wanted something for entertaining - and I had no idea what to recommend. But this morning, albeit quite late for the actual deadline, it hit me. What do I really like having? Real, linen napkins. It's a real treat, and I love it. It feels so luxurious - a lot better than paper, no matter how cute the designs might be. And the plainer the better.

I have a lot of large, white linen ones, inherited from Per's late grandmother along with an equally huge stack of never used linen kitchen towels. The napkin rings - I've made them myself, and the cats loved helping me. Lots of pretty pearls on a wire? Yeay! So that explains why I only have two. But they're cute, aren't they?

I also have the ones above, in a natural linen color. I only have two, so they're not so much for entertaining a crowd as for having an intimate dinner with your darling, but I still love them. My mother gave them to me, along with the napkin rings.

For something else entirely, if Jennifer happens to have a couple of dollars left - buy something whimsical and fun. These pom-pom coctail sticks are adorable - and so much more fun than just regular toothpicks for small bites of food. I have a feeling I picked these up at IKEA, and I don't have a lot left - but I hope I can find something similar soon again. They're fun to have around! Have fun shopping, Jennifer - I'm sure you'll find something great!

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Jennifer said...

Handmade napkin rings! You are so talented. Can't wait until the day we can buy Anne's napkin rings in all the fancy kitchen stores.

They are absolutely beautiful!

Anne said...

Ha, ha, ha - don't hold your breath Jennifer ;) I'm still waiting for enough patience to finish my set of four.. :)