Friday, November 11, 2005

A day at the food fair

Today is the first day of Det Goda Köket, Stockholm's yearly food fair. (Name means The Good Kitchen, by the way.) Always an exciting event, and definitely a must for me. Per and I both had the day off work, which was nice. Friday is the best day to visit the fair, since it's a lot less people than on the weekend. But, by all means, do go even if it's the weekend, just be prepared for a crowd.

It wasn't very crowded at all when we were there, but it was fairly early. We had a nice stroll around all the vendors, and tried food here and there. There was plenty of parmesan, mustard and various jams offered - as always. Some chocolate, too. Very little cooked food this year! I did try a nice spicy pork dish from Allt Om Mat, where I also met Alice! Yeay! We decided to get together soon for more chat on food and cats - two interests we have in common!

We didn't buy alcohol tickets this year, so we didn't try any wine. However, I couldn't resist trying a special rum from Gotland, flavored with pistachios. Delicious!! The maker is Träkumla Rom. It's right on my to-buy list, as soon as I manage to finish another bottle of something from my over-filled liquer-cabinet.

So, what did I buy? Glad you asked! First and foremost, a Turboflame Arc Lighter!

(Ignore the coke-can, it's just there as a size comparison.)

This is so cool. It's a lighter that lights even upside down, no more burning your fingertips while trying to reach those pesky tea lights! And, it also does all the cool things that a small torch does, meaning you can easily finish your brulêes or merengue. And besides, it looks really good. Doesn't it?

When handing over the cash for the Turboflame, my eye caught the white knives on the counter. Hey, could those be..? Yeah, they were ceramic Kyoceras. Oh, I've been wanting to try those.. they had a couple of ripe tomatoes, onions and potatoes there for you slice - and it was love at first slice. What an incredible sharpness! I immediately got a very lusty look in my eyes and Per said "let's buy it!". So we did.

I also got this small black sieve, perfect for decorating cakes or muffins with powdered sugar. I only had a large sieve before, and that makes quite a mess.

Ummm, no food? Of course! I bought the most delicious bread in the world, a loaf of Karlsö-limpa. Incredibly tasty - we're having it for dinner tonight with a steaming bowl of onion soup. And we bought chips - really cool ones made from Blue Kongo potatoes, Fingerling potatoes and all kinds of root vegetables. More pics of those as we open the bags.

So, that was our day at the fair! If you're in Stockholm, do have a look! It's open the whole weekend. For last year's post on the same subject, click here!


lisaSD said...

Sounds like a fun day, Anne!

Nikka said...

Now I'm jealous. We decided not to go this year, and we skipped it last year also... If we go we'll try almost every wine there is (they've never been really hard on demandning those cupouns if you show real interest) and since we do that it's a real expense to go there. Can't take the car, have to go by train. But it's a great fair so it's a shame we didn't go.

Chris said...

That knife looks absolutely gorgeous!