Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Wedding presents #3

Ok, more gifts! Our friends know us very well, and they know just what we like. Just look at this gorgeous wine book that Lena and her boyfriend got us!

They bought it on their Italian vacation, which Lena blogged about a while ago. For an inside look, look here. We also got a bottle of wine, and a hunk of wonderful pecorino that's almost all gone now. Delicious! Haven't tried the wine yet, so I'll have to report back on that.

And then we have Therese, who knows about my Starbucks addiction. She also knows that I bought a bag of Starbucks beans on my way home from London. And she knew that I had no way to grind them. So she got us this coffee mill - how perfect is that??

We got a wonderful salad bowl from Höganäs, that we had had our eyes on for quite a while. It's triangular, and the hole in the side? Perfect for resting your salad tongs. Ah, it's so gorgeous!


Banlieue Blog said...

Congratulations on your mention from Clotilde on Blog Day, today! Job well done!

Anonymous said...

Nice salad bowl!