Friday, August 12, 2005

EBBM #1 - a wonderful package

Taking blogging one step further, I think it was Nic from Bakingsheet who first came up with the idea of a food swap. Lots of people signed up, and was then assigned a partner for whom to assemble a box of goodies. And a little while ago, Andrew of Spittoon decided that we should have our very own Euro-Blogging-By-Mail. How could I resist? Well, of course I couldn't, and I'm so glad I participated.

My package was from Celia at English Patis, a blog which I've been reading for a while. She has tons of fun recipes - and a lot of Filipino ones! There isn't much Filipino food in Sweden, but my cousin is married to a Filipina and I still remember their wedding feast.. oh, incredible food. So, I'll be sure to try out a lot of Celia's recipes soon!

Celia sent me a large container of her oatmeal cookies with chocolate and apricots. Oh. My. God. (As Janice would say.) These are incredible. In fact, sitting at work, my mouth is watering as I think about them. Huge golden rounds of oaty goodness, studded with chewy bursts of apricot and creamy chocolate.. post the recipe soon, please! And I really fell in love with the container, air-tight and really nifty, it's going to be a treasured fave in my kitchen.

I was also sent a very exciting packet of massaman curry paste from Blue Elephant, complete with a recipe on the back. Celia said she picked that up at the London Thai Food Festival - sounds like a very nice place to be. Next was.. booze. How great is THAT? :) It's a gorgeous bottle of Cherry Brandy from Lyme Bay Winery, with a glass stopper! I love it! I have to think of something worthy to make to go with it, as I'm sure it's absolutely delicious.

Last, but not least - Celia knows that I love cats. As a cat breeder and a real enthusiast, a lot of stuff in my home is cat-related. However, I certainly didn't have this.

Yes, that's right. A cat-butt field guide. In fact, it was a cat-butt field guide kit, and in addition to the book, it had.. fridge magnets. Hilarious. And only for true cat lovers. Thank you so much Celia - this was excellent.

My own box went to Clotilde of Chocolate & Zucchini, and I'll let her tell you about that. Read Andrew's round-up of all the packages, here.


Dagmar said...

Oh, I just love the fridge magnets!!! :-)

This event was so fun, I have already signed up for Euro blogging by mail 2 and also for the "international" one over at the Samantha files.

Jeanne said...

LOL!! That's totally hysterical. I would LOVE to have a look at that book - I can always hone my practical skills by practising on my neighbour's five (very different) cats, each with a no-doubt-distinctive butt... :P