Thursday, August 11, 2005

Chili Chocolate Cake at Rosendal

The other day, Lena and I went to Rosendal's Trädgård. This is located on Djurgården, and well worth a visit. They have lovely gardens to walk in, lots of things to look at, and a nice little store where you can get your organically grown veggies and grains. And, they have an excellent café.

Last week, they had a chili theme. That meant extra many chili plants on display - a full greenhouse of them. I took tons of pictures, but I didn't write down any names so I'm not so sure they'll do much good. But it made a pretty collage! Some plants were really beautiful, and so colorful! I was surprised to see all the varieties - there were purple, black, blue in addition to the more common red, green and yellow chilifruits. And the first pic in the collage is their tomatoe greenhouse - rows upon rows with gorgeous tomatoes. Mmm!

And the theme also meant chili stuff in the café, of course. Both me and Lena chose the Chili Chocolate Cake in the picture above. Delicious! It was a nice moist chocolate cake topped with a chocolate ganache studded with actual chili. It had little red bits in it, and quite some heat every few bites. Yum! Lena got an elderflower soda to drink, while I opted for an ecological espresso. We sat in the apple garden, and enjoyed the beautiful surroundings and all the little birds that kept coming up to us for some food.

If you're in Stockholm, Rosendal's is definitely a must. And if you can't get to it, at least get one of the cookbooks. You can find some here. (Sorry - Swedish.) I have the one called Bröd och Marmelad (Bread and Marmalade) and it's very inspiring. I'll get the first one some day too - it's often on sale.


cin said...

Hmmmm, there seems to be a bit of a chilli theme starting here. Niki from Esurientes has just posted about chocolate chilli shortbread and I'm trying it out tonight. Btw, I really enjoy reading your blog and I LOVE trying out new recipes too!

Nikka said...

Hey :-)

Haven't told you but I'm following your blog since I found out about it. And since chile is my think I thought this is a good time to say hello. We grow a lot of chile every year and are members of the swedish chilepepper club where Jonas Borssén is president. He's really nice and we love his cooking. I have been thinking of starting a chile blog. Maybe I should... If you're interested in really spicy recipes I could give you some hot stuff :-)

Keep on writing! /Nikka

Anne said...

Cin - I saw that! It sounded very yummy, do let us know how yours turn out!

Nikka - yeay, welcome! :) How's life?! I stopped by your blog, a good read! That geocaching sounds.. well, certainly different. :)

I don't cook as much with chile as I should - and most importantly, I only buy the cheap boring ones in the store. Maybe I should branch out..? I'd love some recipes, and suggestions for where to start. I have at least one of Borssén's books, possibly two - I don't use them a whole lot though. I should!

Cissi said...

Den där kakan såg ju verkligen ljuvlig ut, men det måste väl gå att experimentera fram en liknande själv, eller vad säger chokladexperten?

Frida said...

I agree, that cake is really good! My boyfriend had it when we were at Rosendahls, but I ended up eating quite a large bite of it. Yummy.

Anne said...

Cissi - garanterat. Jag har starkt för mig att Anna Bergenström har en liknande kaka, fast utan chili, i "Annas Mat". Blev bjuden på den för många år sen av en kompis.. och den kändes väldigt lik. Får testa någon gång! :)

Elin said...

Joho, Rosendahls kokbok finns i en engelsk version!