Tuesday, June 28, 2005

More on Midsummer

Midsummer turned out great. The weather was absolutely wonderful, and we spent all day - and night - on my parents boat. Per, amazingly, did not get seasick at all due to his new little gadget - the Seaband. It sounds like magic, I know - but it works. Per is as sceptical as they come, and it still worked on him. Usually, he's not even able to spend time NEAR the water. If you have similar problems, do give the Seaband a try!

The picture collage above shows a fair representation of our weekend. Let me tell you about the pictures!

Top row:
My mom, on the back of our boat. You can see the Swedish flag behind her.
A view from the boat, while riding from the jetty to the island where we anchored.
Our boat is the white one on the right, you can see my dad climbing on it. Our friends are parked on either side.
There were lots of boats in the same spot.

Second row:
Wilma, the gorgeous Welsh Terrier that belong to one of the other couples we were with.
Xider - one of our preferred summer drinks. It's touted as a cider, but it's probably nothing natural about it. It's fairly weak, and has a pleasant lime flavor. Nice and refreshing!
My parents - we're sitting on the cliff at 5 pm. Drink time! We stuck to our cider, the others had whiskey, wine or dry martini. (They have the cutest little thermoses with the martinis.)
Me and Per.

Third row:
Ah, Swedish strawberries and cream. Nothing says summer like this one.
Punsch - a Swedish sweet liquour that's traditionally served with coffee. Very tasty!
A fairly upset swan approaching the boats. They usually arrive in families, but this one was on its own.
Another view.

Bottom row:

Wilma again, and her owner Bertil.
Another view of our boats.
Linn, a very happy baby.

Foodwise, we had sill, new potatoes, finely chopped red onions and sour cream for lunch, and my mom had brought a great salmon for me since I don't eat sill. I have to get the recipe - it was delicious. For dinner, we had grilled pork tenderloin, potato gratin and a wonderful barbecue sauce that my old friend Cissi makes. She just started her blog, and I was thrilled to see that this recipe was the first one she posted. It's VERY good, definitely give it a try! It's in Swedish - but I'll ask her if I can translate it and put it up here.


Niklas said...

Nice one! A collage like that can really bring out a fresh way in viewing images.

Midsummer really is special to Swedes, on a culinary level as well as on a frog-hopping one, when it comes to the gift of dance, as Michael Flatley would no doubt call it.

Cissi said...

Har glömt att säga att du givetvis kan översätta mitt recept och lägga upp om du vill. Kul att det smakade! (Kom förresten på att visst gjorde jag den här såsen när vi firade midsommar i Dalarna tillsammmans?)

Jeanne said...

Oh how wonderful that looks! Such a lovely relaxed day with friends and family and good weather (not much of that in London this summer...) and fabulous food. Great collage.