Thursday, April 07, 2005

Spicy chocolate

Some spicy chocolates in this update. As I posted a few days ago, we got a big box of chocolate for easter. I'll keep on posting pictures for a little bit. The one on top was a Chilipepper Truffle. Isn't it a pretty chocolate? Those cute things on top? Those are chili flakes. They are hot. Very much so. This is a very interesting piece - the chocolate shell is filled with a white ganache, mostly just sweet, no discernable notes, and then the full heat of the chili hits.. ooooh.

Black Pepper Truffle. This was really different, and really, really good. It was a dark, deep chocolate truffle with a very distinct bite of fresh black pepper. I imagine this would have went so well with an appropriate wine - but it was fine on its own. Definitely something I will get again.

Finally, one of my very favorites from this store. This is the Saffron Truffle. It has a white chocolate shell, and a gorgeous yellow, creamy saffron filling. It used to be in a better shaped piece though - a small pyramid shape. I don't like the new one as much, but the flavor is as good as ever. And that means very, very good.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks! Nice pictures as usual, yet a side-question for you: what's happening with your kitties?