Monday, April 04, 2005


For Easter, we decided to splurge on a large box of chocolates from my favorite chocolate store, Puss & Kram Choklad. We got to choose 25 lovely pieces - the hardest part was remembering all the names though. I think I know what most of them were, but some are a bit of a mystery. Anyway - I took pictures as we ate, and I thought I'd give you some brief reviews. Not that most of you are likely to ever come by this little tiny store, located in Nacka Strand outside of Stockholm. (Conveniently placed two minutes from my gym. Sigh.) But I hope some of you feel inspired to either make your own chocolates (and post about it, please!) or go visit your local chocolatier for a piece or two.

Let's start with the lime truffle. This is a really yummy white chocolate shell, holding a soft, satiny lime-cream-butter filling. It's very sweet and rich, but the tanginess of the lime cuts through it and creates perfection. It was really good - but half was just enough.

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