Monday, April 11, 2016

Salad from the Rainforest cafe

We're in the US on vacation! Right now, in Las Vegas! We had dinner last night at the Rainforest Cafe which was perfectly kid-friendly which is good. Good was pretty good too, I had this "China Island Chicken Salad" which was very tasty.

Any food recs in Vegas or Southern California - bring them on! :-)


cardamonbraid said...

Not fancy places BUT you must if you have never been go to In and Out Burger have your husband order a 4x4 they have an extensive hidden menu that you should look for online before going...
Also not as well know but it is probably what I miss the most since I moved away in a Tommy's Burger.
If in downtown LA go to Philipes known as the inventors of the French Dip but they have lamb and pork etc too and there homemade mustard is wonderful.

Cheryl said...

Don't really like their salad dish decoration :(