Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy new year - resolutions for 2016


Happy new year, dear blog readers!

My 2015 has been a good year. No life-changing events for me, but unfortunately plenty of bad news for people close to me. I've tried to show them a lot of love and support and I hope everyone will have a better year in 2016.

I thought I'd try to make a few blog-related resolutions. Most importantly, I will try to blog at least once a week. More, ideally - I really miss doing this regularly - but at least once a week.

In order to do that, I really need to make more of an effort in cooking again. We get stuck in ruts as I'm sure most families do, and I need to feel inspired again and plan out weekly menus. So I'll definitely attempt to do this.

And related to that, I need to use my cookbooks more. I want to try at least a new recipe, from a book, every other week.

So, to sum it up:

1. Blog posts every week
2. Plan what we eat - maybe not every week, but most
3. Try new things from cookbooks at least every other week

Do you have any food-related resolutions? Let me know! And have a very, very happy new year!


roberto p. said...

I wish that I can also fulfill your number 1 resolution, which is one blog post per week. Happy New Year, peeps!

Valeria said...

Happy new year to you! 2015 was a very sad year for me, too, but I'm ready to start with home- and cooking-related resolutions now, especially since I got married a few months ago!
I have started re-reading all of the cookbooks and magazines that belonged to my mother, and noting down possible "favorites" for me and my husband, along with the staples we came up with over the years. Ideally they should all come together into a weekly meal plan.
I also plan to dress up our pasta more often, e.g. with veggie sauces. We normally do a quick tomato sauce or just butter+parmesan when in a rush, or we heat up our frozen Bolognese, but we need more variety! So far I've tried blending bellpeppers+butter and cauliflower+cream (the latter tastes so much like mushroom sauce... and I hate cooked cauliflower!)
I would like to bake more frequently, maybe scones which are really quick and can be easily tweaked into bread. I'm planning to bake my first cheesecake tomorrow, and to make semlor again in February - last year's didn't rise as expected, I shouldn't have used wholewheat flour.
Then, a guilty-pleasure-resolution: to replicate our wedding cake for monthiversaries! It's really simple: sponge-cake, lemon custard layers, and buttercream all around (which I think I'll replace with whipped cream!)
I also want to get inspiration for main dishes from a tapas cookbook which I bought in Spain, and to get some more in the summer, when we get to Ireland for our honeymoon.
Quite a few resolutions for me, but they seem feasible :) Are you going to post about your twelfth night dinner this year?

AlexAD said...

Dear Anne

Thank you for being such a go-to awesome site for so many simple delicious meals and for Swedish traditional fare. As a Brit living in Malmö I really love to try out Swedish goodies and your take on them never fails.

Happy New Year

AlexAD said...

Dear Anne

Happy New Year 2016. Again, thanks for some awesome recipes through the year and inspiration for simple but delicious food.

I do not comment very often but I read every post with glee.

Thank you

Alex AD

H. Buchholz said...

YES! I actually did! I vowed to try NEW recipes, it's so easy to get in a food rut!

Åsa said...

Gott nytt år, Anne!
Tänkte mig precis samma nyårslöften som du, förutom veckoplaneringen. Ligger redan på misslyckandets rand ;-) Ska försöka minska på både fb- och twitter-aktiviteten och istället ta upp bloggandet och bloggläsandet. Saknar det.

Önskar dig ett riktigt bra och framgångsrikt 2016. Hoppas vi ses mer, om inte irl så iaf här via bloggarna!