Friday, March 21, 2014

when in Brussels...

I don't normally eat chocolate for breakfast but when I saw this at my hotel breakfast buffet, I had to have a slice. It's high quality toast-shaped chocolate, you put a slice on a piece of toast and let it melt. It was quite a treat! :-)

I'm in Brussels for a conference. As some of you know, I work in politics and I'm very excited about the European Parliament elections in May! I hope everyone who can do so will vote, and for parties that are prepared to work hard on solving the issues where we can't stand alone. in Sweden, that means Folkpartiet. Over and out. :-)


Chanterelle said...

You can buy those slabs of chocolate for your toast in the grocery store--they're in the breakfast cereal section. Or if you prefer, you can buy packages of chocolate sprinkles that will melt on your hot toast.

I don't think I've ever actually eaten them on breakfast toast, but it's nice to have a package on hand just in case :-)

If you have time, check out Chocolat Passion, a newer chocolatier in the Place des Sablons. Very yummy pralinés.

Unknown said...

Hi Anne

The big question is which hotel is it?! :D

Maybe let us know once your stay there is over (for your own privacy)


Anonymous said...

i wannaeave in Brussel :)

Anne said...

Zeinab - totally true, haha! I stayed at Hotel Thon EU, near the EP. I liked it, very nice!

Chanterelle, oh, I wish I'd had the time to go to a grocery store! It was a crazy short trip, unfortunately. I did take time to go to Pierre Hermé, but sadly missed Chocolat Passion. Definitely saving that tip for next time!

I did get some chocolate spreads (from Neuhaus) at the airport. Kids were somewhat impressed by the concept but didn't like it that much :-)