Sunday, May 05, 2013

Peter Beier chocolate

On a recent trip to Copenhagen, I happened upon a new-to-me chocolate shop in the airport: Peter Beier Chokolade. Titus was drawn in by a gigantic chocolate fountain near the entrance, but was unfortunately scared to tears by the gentle and friendly employee actually handing out free samples. No idea why - but nevertheless, I quickly bought a few samples to bring home. One melted in my purse (that one's not pictured obviously, except for some of it that stuck to another one, at about two o'clock in the photo.) but the rest - very good! Very good indeed! They deliver world-wide, and I plan to order more some time - they were definitely on par with the best chocolates I've tried. 


Aron said...

Great Blog

Matarkivet said...

De finns i Malmö också, och trots att jag egentligen inte gillar apelsin och choklad är deras Grand Marnier-tryfflar helt fantastiska! DET är ett gott betyg.