Saturday, September 15, 2012

Cookbook Watch - Indian Cooking in Sweden

These days, I rarely buy cookbooks in physical shops anymore. I research, then order online. And I get some review copies from publishers, too. But this book really caught my eye, and before I could help myself, I paid for it and left. (well, I did start to look up the price online, but couldn't get a good connection. Besides, you should support local book shops!)

So, what is this? An Indian cookbook, called "David Batras inte så tråkiga indiska kokbok", which translates into "David Batra's not so boring Indian cookbook". Is David Batra a well known chef, you ask? He is not. He is however a well know Swedish comedian, so when he promises a "not so boring cookbook"... He delivers.

Apparently, he cooks a lot in his spare time. His dad is Indian and this book is filled with David's own favorite recipes. Some are from his dad or his aunt, many are his own take on Indian classics. All are quick(-ish), and can be made with ingredients found at almost any supermarket.

Photos are pretty, and plentiful. I've read half the book and already planned next weeks menu. So, in short: two enthusiastic thumbs-up!


Bettina said...

Bokhandlar borde kanske blockera internet med andra ord :) Jag klickade själv hem boken efter att ha läst om den här. Har länge letat efter en bra indisk kokbok på svenska, och att den är skriven av en komiker gör ju inte saken sämre!

Viktoria said...

Den ska jag titta efter, jag gillar verkligen god indisk mat!

Jag försöker begränsa mina kokboksinköp, kokbokshyllan har totalt svämmat över här... Faktiskt så finns det rätt mycket fina kokböcker på biblioteket, tycker jag.