Monday, June 04, 2012

My brother's tomato salad

This, dear friends, is a must. It's incredibly delicious, and it will go over well with almost anything. Make sure to serve it with a bread, though, for soaking up all the yummy dressing.

And you don't need extra-flavorful tomatoes for this, it'll work well with even those pale, boring winter tomatoes. Obviously good ones are better, but.. just saying. Any tomatoes will be good. Really good.

So - what you need is:
-tomatoes. As much as you want. Cut into halves if they're small, or chopped up in large pieces, if they're bigger.
-a good white wine vinegar, or you can go fancy with a white balsamic, or sherry vinegar
-olive oil
-grated garlic
-mustard - NOT dijon, you want a strong, spicy-sweet mustard. (In Sweden, I use Skånsk Senap)
-dried tarragon
-salt and pepper

No amounts, you don't really need them, as long as you taste as you go. Start by whisking together olive oil and vinegar, maybe about twice the amount of oil, and then season as you wish with garlic, mustard, tarragon, salt, pepper and possibly more vinegar. Add the tomatoes, and that's it. The flavors will develop if you let it sit for a few hours, but it's great right away, too.


burningwindmill said...

That sounds like a really lovely little salad, i may give it a try for lunch today :-)

the delicious fool said...

boring winter tomatoes... haha. Always a use for everything! I am going to Stockholm this coming weekend - if you have any favourite dining spots, I would be really grateful for any local tips. Thank you!!

Anne said...

Not my strong suit sadly, I almost never eat out and if I do, it's the local Thai or Chinese food.. but I do have a guide to Stockholm - check the link in the sidebar. I hope you'll have a good stay!

Alex in Leeds said...

Sounds just the thing to bring a bit of cheer to my wintry table one night this week. :)