Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Breakfast at Hotel Rival

When we wanted to take a mini-vacation in our own city, we got a lot of recommendations for various hotels. Our wishes were simple - we wanted a nice, clean room - obviously - and an absolutely great breakfast. That was it. After considering many options, we decided on Hotel Rival, which is a small-ish designer hotel owned by Benny Andersson of ABBA.

And the breakfast was well, well, well worth it. In addition to all the usual stuff, they had a short-order cook, so I asked for French Toast, and Per for a  large fry-up with eggs, mushrooms, toast and sausage. And great coffee latte, too.

That would have been well enough, but I couldn't help sampling some of the baked goods. Excellent buttery, flaky croissants! And you don't often see macarons on a breakfast buffet, so I felt compelled to sample those. Suffice to say, I was full all day after this. Two thumbs up!

Ps - don't forget about the HP-sauce giveaway!


Chocchick said...

As a lover of a Full English breakfast what type of sausages did they use? Love the Macaroons for breakfast!

paulaustin said...

Breakfast is one of the important thing and it should be best as you are just going to start your day. Once i stayed at hotel rival. It is nice hotel and quality of the food is just amazing.
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