Saturday, October 29, 2011

Apple Almond Crumble


Swedish apples are finally really in season, and while I know - in theory - that there's so much you can do with them, I usually just opt for a simple crumble. After all, why mess with perfection? However, I rarely try the same recipe twice, and this one was new to me, using almond paste and almonds. It's lovely - but the almonds burn real easily (as you can see in my photo) so beware!

Apple Almond Crumble
serves 4-6

4 apples
2 tbsp sugar
1-2 tsp cinnamon
100 g almond paste
75 g butter
45 g oats
45 g flour
30 g almonds (mine were blanched, but it's not necessary)

Peel and slice the apples, and place in a pie dish. Toss with sugar and cinnamon.

Place the almond paste, butter, oats and flour in a bowl, and pinch with your fingertips until it forms crumbs. Put this on top of the apples.

Coarsely chop the almonds and sprinkle on top. Bake at 200°C for about 20 minutes.

Serve with vanilla custard or ice cream.

Recipe in Swedish:
Äppelpaj med mandelsmul

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Chelsey said...

Looks great! We have an apple tree in our garden and a few weeks ago, i was baking myself to death with apples! Finally, I began just freezing them because I couldn't keep up. My favorite apple recipe is Apple Pockets. Here it is: Oh, and another favorite is Spiced Apple Sauce, so good!