Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wednesday bookmarks, August 24

It's been a while since I did Wednesday bookmarks, but I'll really try to do these round-ups more frequently! I bookmark so many recipes when surf the web, and I really love to share them with you guys. I also think that linking is important - it benefits everyone, and if it can help you find a new favorite food blog: excellent!

Some of the recipes are in Swedish, but you can always enjoy the pictures - and there's always Google Translate. So, without further ado... here are some of my recent finds.

Blueberry Cheesecake, from Kickis blog. Blueberries are everywhere in the Swedish woods right now, and this gorgeous berry cheesecake makes me want to go out and pick some.

17 and Baking has another cheesecake idea: a whole cheesecake sandwiched between two layers of red velvet cake! Now, doesn't that sound incredible? I need a special occasion, so I can make this.

I'm back to work after the summer, and I really need to keep some healthy snacks in the office to avoid getting too hungry in the afternoons. I usually work out during my lunch hour and then have a very quick (and light) lunch. The whole grain krispie granola bars from Sticky, Gooey, Creamy, Chewy are perhaps not that healthy... but they sure sound good.

My friend Pille over at Nami-Nami has marinated her own olives! I've never tried that, so I'll give it a go some day soon. Her flavor combination sounds great!

My husband is currently working on a project where he needs to travel frequently to the US. The upside of this is that he can bring me back yummy food stuff (the obvious downside is being left home alone for weeks at a time - NOT my favorite) and from a recent trip to Alabama, he brought me grits. I haven't cooked with them yet, but I did bookmark this recipe for Creamy Bacon Cheese Grits from The Pioneer Woman. Really, how could I not?

Titus favorite food at the moment seems to be chicken. All sorts of chicken, but especially chicken legs. They had a picnic at his pre-school, and when I picked him up that day, all his teachers gleefully informed me that he had eaten more chicken legs than anyone else - including the teachers. Well done Titus! I bet he'd love these marinated chicken legs from Annika at Smaskens.

And something else I plan to make for him - a carrot cake smoothie, from Lilla Matdériven. No, it's not actual carrot cake, but it does have cooked, mashed carrots, goji berries and lots of spices. What a smart idea!

That's all for today - but feel free to visit my Delicious account to view all of my bookmarked recipes.


Līga Krista said...

that red velvet cake! wow! Latvian flag is red-white-red, so it looks perfect for the national day celebration Nov18th. may be this is the time to start collecting red-white-red recipes and make a national party? :)

Tora said...

Oooh! Nice! Thank you! I am so curious of grits right now!

Anne said...

Liga, I think so! I'll mark my calendar ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you finally have some grits! If yours are not stone ground (as in the recipe) they will cook far faster.

Jan said...

Think Shrimp and Grits

Pille said...

Oh,Anne, I never realised until now that you had linked to my olive post :) I guess I was too busy packing for our trip to France.

A huge thank you - and please do try to marinate your own, it's so easy and you can use all the favourite herbs you like!