Thursday, August 11, 2011

An awesome food blog...

I can't wait to share my latest food blog find:

Inn at the Crossroads.

See, I'm an avid fan of George R R Martin, and his book series A Song of Ice and Fire. As you might know, the first book was recently made into a TV series, Game of Thrones, and that's how I was introduced to it. Since then, I've read all the books, and am currently in the middle of the last one. They're really, really good - even if you don't like fantasy much.

They're very well written, and I find them engaging, funny, upsetting, clever... and they happen to be filled with food. As I read, I often find myself thinking "hey, that sounds pretty good! I wonder if I could make it.. oh, I wonder what the recipe is for that?"

So, I googled. And found out that I wasn't alone. Inn at the Crossroads is all about the food in these books - they're recreating each and every dish! (Well, except for roast horse, jellied eels and a few others.. um, that's ok.) I immediately added them to my Reader, and I urge you to visit if you like the books or the show - I think you'll love it as much as I do.


Frida said...

haha, I've been thinking about making lemon cakes for a while now :D

Jon Åslund said...

Did you also read about the game of thrones food trucks campaign? There are a bunch of videos on youtube where they cook the food and also of people tasting it.

Tora said...

Brilliant! Hehe! I linked this to my sister, which is a super fan! We both love it! Thanks!