Friday, July 08, 2011

New deck!

Here's where we'll eat most of our summer meals from now on. At the moment: afternoon fika.


Noelia said...

Soon it will be a month since i left Sto (i was there for holidays) and i loved all the little decks, the colours !!! Im jealous about summer! jajajaja its kinds cold right now in Argentina but soon i will complain about summer too jajajaja

It looks amazing, lovely colours!

Chelsey said...

looks cozy!

Unknown said...

Lovely spot.

Kay said...

Anne: I love your new deck. I wish I had one....enjoy your summertime.
We are having a nice one here on the coast in Oregon....although out there at the headlands, it's cold but I live inland twelve miles and makes a big difference in wind factor. I will be thinking of you out there eating away.Kay