Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Culinary highlights from Spain

Langoustines with lots of garlic and cilantro.

We ate at an Asian wok buffet place. Not exactly haute cuisine, but fresh and well-cooked food. (And kid-friendly.) Titus LOVED it, especially since it had both sausages (great ones) and meatballs on sticks.

Lamb chops with baked potatoes, and tzatziki. (Ok, so that was mostly Greek.)

Churros. I always get a bag when we're in Spain, and they're great when they're eaten just-made, still hot. I want to try making my own sometime!

A great salad with tomatoes, garlic, onion and sherry vinegar.

Titus eating paella. Yes, the recipe is coming!

And... as we walked hurriedly towards the gate on our way home, I saw... Starbucks. HELLO, Mocha Frappuccino!


Heather said...

Yum!! I love Spanish food (and Greek food and Starbucks too)!

Jessica said...

Jag gör våra churros. Inte med ett lika proffsigt utseende, och inte stjärnformiga, men bra. M äter och ser glad ut. Jag antar att det är ett bra betyg :).
Jag saknar ofta en beskrivning över spansk mat som inte bara är tapas.

Macu -Tengo un horno y sé cómo usarlo said...

Hi, I am sure you will make churros at home. It cannot be easier, and they are absolutely delicious when still hot and with a lot of sugar (and with a hot and thick chocolate, they're heavenly). I am a bit surprised, though, by your election as Spanish food, but, in any case, it looks as you had a wonderful time here in Spain.
Best regards

Mithun said...

Delicious looking foods! I can't wait to eat this!

Mithun said...

That's looking so yummY!

Anne said...

Haha, well, let's take into account that the kitchen is a bit so-so as far as equipment goes, and I'm scared to cook with the gas stove. I wish we could have eaten out more, but with a two-year old, that doesn't work all that well, schedule-wise. Then again, we visit regularly :)

Snowwhite said...

Hi Anne,
if you liked the tomato salad, then I have a really nice recipe for you, which I have posted in my blog today:


It's a pasta salad. Very yummy and can be prepared quickly ;-).

Hope you like it!

Greetings from Germany.

KEZZABELLS and crepes said...

Starbucks looks gorgous all around the world!