Monday, February 14, 2011

Fruity Semifreddo for Valentine's Day


Happy Valentine's Day! Commercial holiday or not, I like any excuse to make something cute, pink and heart-shaped. And I happen to like the message: love.

So, spread some love today - tell your loved ones that they are, indeed, loved.

And make this dessert. It's yummy, and rather addictive. (So make a lot.)

Fruity Semifreddo

3 egg yolks
100 g sugar
200 ml cream (35-40% fat content)
200 ml greek yogurt
200 ml raspberries (frozen, then thawed, or fresh)
1/2 banana
100 ml mango, diced
1 tsp lime juice
200 ml mini meringues (or crushed meringues)

Beat egg yolks and sugar until pale and fluffy. In a separate bowl beat the cream until it holds soft peaks, and fold in the yogurt. Fold both into the egg yolks.

With a blender or food processor, mix the banana, mango and lime. Stir this into the creamy batter along with the meringues. Finally add the raspberries and swirl to make it marbled in color.

Pour into a silicone mold and freeze for at least six hours. Remember to thaw for half an hour before serving.

Recipe in Swedish:
Fruktig semifreddo


Anonymous said...

That looks fab, and so cute! :)

Lena said...

Happy Valentine's Day!


Jocie's Mom said...

Raspberries AND mango!?

I just licked my computer screen.

Looks delicious :)

Anonymous said...

I love heart shaped desserts! I have a bad allergy (sigh, sadness, tears) to mango there anything else that might work in its place?
Thanks & Happy Valentine's Day!

Miss. Tarrah Dame said...

Cute! I've never made semifreddo but find it very intriguing!

Anne said...

Aimee - anything really! Apples, pears, or just more banana and berries? It's very adaptable. The only ones that might be iffy are pineapple and possibly kiwi...